Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I was just doing another silly quiz and it prompted me to see if I could find my own blog on Google by looking for my name. I couldn't (maybe I could if it had my name on it), but did find a few references to me, mainly on other people's blogs. "Ego surfing", I've heard it called.

I did find one link that surprised me, though: this one. I'm going to have to be more careful what I say next time, but it's kind of nice that someone seems to think me worth quoting.

Another interesting thing I found recently: my dad has a page on Wikipedia. Maybe I should flesh it out a little ... I wonder who put it up there?


Blogger Martin said...

took the test. see my post. Also, check my Café Create post for my comment on your comment

10:51 pm  
Anonymous mark adams said...

I did try to trackback to the original post where you made the comment but it didn't work.

I quoted you because I thought you did a good job of explaining the Left's view of the point of government which is quite different to Bishop's and mine.

1:21 pm  

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