Wednesday, April 12, 2006


When I set this blog up a year or two ago, my main motive was to take the name tomdg before someone else did! But I've posted intermittently and kind of enjoyed it. I even got some comments!

I thought at the time that I would probably blog lots of different things, and so it is. That's what I'm like, whether because of ADHD or not I have lots of interests and post on a range of topics.

But to make life a bit easier (for whom, I wonder?) I'm going to try separating them into different strands with a blog for each. This will be for personal stuff; my political / theological / other rants will go under tomdg says, and if I get around to it, any creative stuff will go under tomdg creates.

I'll start off by re-posting some of my old stuff in the appropriate place, but I won't delete it from here because I don't want to lose the few comments that I have!


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