Tuesday, May 25, 2004

First post

Why have I created a blog? To grab my preferred name before anyone else does. What am I going to put here? I don't know. How often will I post? Only time will tell.

What prompted this was a discussion at work. We felt we needed some way of gossiping about what's happening in the company. Nothing major, nothing bad, just little things: who's leaving, whose jobs are likely to be moved abroad, that sort of thing. The kind of information that smokers get for free, if you count hardened arteries and lung cancer as "for free". It had to be public so everyone could see it, but it had to be anonymous too.

Before you get interested, this isn't that place. But it prompted the idea that I should find out about blogs and see if they might work for that purpose.

I guess I might use this as a space to rant about things, something I seem to do lots. I guess there's also a hope that through doing this I might somehow become someone who understands what blogs are about - a bit like the gosky patties in Edward Lear's nonsense recipe.

Don't watch this space ...


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